Christ Church is part of a rich network of mission partners seeking to fulfill our vision of growing disciples of Christ from people of all nations. We are part of the Church of England and Anglican Communion, and have relationships with local and global mission partners.

Global mission partners
Intercontinental Church Society
2nd Chance Rukundo Ministries: Rwanda

Glorie van de Libanon: Lebanon

Local mission partners
Shelter City Hostel Amsterdam
Shelter Jordan Amsterdam Hostel
Old Catholic and Anglican Airport Ministry

Youth With A Mission
Tyndale Seminary, Badhoevedorp

Anglican Church
Intercontinental Church Society
Anglican Airport Ministry
Diocese in Europe
The Church of England

Amsterdam Churches
Evangelical Contact of Amsterdam
Council of Churches
Old Catholic Church
Parish of the Blessed Trinity (Roman Catholic)
English Reformed Church
Oude Kerk
Via Nova
Amsterdam in Beweging