Kids Church caters for children from 0 – 12 years.  There is a creche for babies and children up to 3 years and two groups for children from 3 – 12 years. Each group is taught by a team of 3 leaders, so that none of the leaders has to miss the Church service every week.  Currently the age group are:-

Crèche for childres aged 0 to 3.
Solid Rocks for children aged 3 to 7.
Cornerstones for children aged 7 to 12.

These age groups are somewhat flexible; we also consider which grade the child is in at school.

What is our vision?
We see the children as a valuable part of the church and want to give them their own place in the church. We want to help them to grow closer to God and learn more about having a personal relationship with God. We want to treat them with respect and look at each one of them as an individual person with gifts and help them to discover to use these gifts.

What happens at Kids Church?
Kids Church is every Sunday except when there is a fifth Sunday. We start together and after about 15 minutes the children go to their own groups. In the separate groups there is a bible story and games or other activities to illustrate the central message of the lesson. Often the children make something to take home with them and the older children will read the story in the Bible or look up related passages. The session finishes with a drink and a biscuit.

On the fifth Sunday in a month there is a Bi-lingual All Age service which the children attend with their parents.

You want to sign up your child?
Any child is welcome to come to Kids Church and if you wish your child to come on a regular basis we  ask you to sign your child up. We value our children very much and treat them with care. This means that we have some rules we need to follow. So please see Ez Storm, Ruth Paans,  or James Hill and ask for more information and the appropriate form.


For our Safeguarding policy please click here for more information.