Open Garden Days

All together we had over 2,000 visitors come through the doors as part of Amsterdam’s Open Garden Days! We have over 60 pots that different members of the congregation have made over the past two months or so. And some of our plants are rescued from different parts of Amsterdam. Some are being brought back to health and others have been here for years. My hope is that the church will be what this garden already is – a place of “refuge, health and growth.”

Congratulations to Tom and Monica (pictured) for seeing the potential in our courtyard and in our congregation.



Tuesday Open Doors at Christ Church City Centre

Open Doors every Tuesday
10.00am – 2.00pm
You are most welcome to visit us at Christ Church City Centre. Enjoy learning about its history or simply appreciate its stillness.
After entering through its doors, you will walk through a beautiful courtyard, before entering the church sanctuary.
Christ Church welcomes many groups throughout the week, who use its upper rooms and of course we are open every Sunday morning for our worship service at 10am. Please join us!



Welcome to Christ Church in Amsterdam!

We are three English-speaking International Anglican congregations consisting of people from all over the world and where all generations feel at home. Each congregation has it’s own unique feel and way of worshiping. We have worshiped Jesus in Amsterdam for over 300 years and today we seek to combine the strengths of the historic Anglican Communion with the vibrancy of contemporary worship. Our vision is to grow as disciples of Christ from all nations in Amsterdam and North Holland. We want to help each other to grow healthy relationships with God, one another and our neighbours as we live together in greater Amsterdam and North Holland.

Please look through our website and if you have any questions contact us here.